64. Beautiful Kauai’s Teacher of the Year, Serena Cox

 How do you tend to a school garden if you can’t get to school? What does it mean to coach deeper learning? What is 20% time and how does a school get started with the concept? How did certain technologies like ScreenCastify and EdPuzzle help educators bridge the distance learning gap? What is parent coaching professional development and how does it help build healthy learning communities? What are co-created rubrics and what is the long term impact of films like Most Likely to Succeed?  Today my guest is Serena Cox, a Comprehensive School Improvement Resource Teacher, in the Kauai Complex Area on the island of Kauai. I first met Serena when she was a science teacher and the deeper learning coach at Waimea Canyon Middle School on Kauai. In a Season 1 episode, I featured Serena’s principal, Melissa SpeetjensSerena was instrumental in helping me develop the 20% time segment in my new documentary film, The Innovation Playlist. She is the Kauai island Teacher of the Year 2021, a program of the Hawaii Department of Education that honors a teacher of the year from each of the 15 Hawaii complexes. Serena was 2015/2016 Teacher of the Year at the Dr. P. J. Fisher Schoo in South Carolina and the 2012/2013 Teacher of Year at  the Greer Middle School, also in South Carolina. She is a certified PBLWorks facilitator, among many, many other awards and certificates. Serena has done what all fully committed teachers do: direct the drama club, coach cheerleading and soccer, and mentor young people that they might be most likely to succeed. Serena graduated summa cum laude from Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and has a Master’s degree in Middle Level Science. As always, our original theme music and post production is provided by Daniel Gilad at DG Sound Creations. Check out his website and Facebook URL. Please stay safe, wear your masks and for the love of the gods, get vaccinated. A hui hou and we will see you in two weeks.