57. Teacher Surfer Writer Builder Poet: Jonathon Medeiros

What do teachers need from their administrators? According to Jonathon Medeiros a bit of magic. What magic, you ask? To be known, really known, and respected for the experiences they bring to every conversation about students and learning. Jonathon writes: Too often, while teachers are reaching toward our students, inviting them in and making them feel valuable, administrators are planning meetings in air-conditioned offices by filling time slots and checking compliance boxes instead of thinking about who their teachers are, what we might need, what we bring to the table. These are opportunities missed. Jonathon has been teaching and learning about Language Arts and rhetoric for 15 years with his students on Kauaʻi. He frequently writes about education policy and is the former director of the Kauaʻi Teacher Fellowship. He also enjoys building things, surfing, and spending time with his wife (a future episode guest) and daughters. He is currently working on a few projects, including a collection of essays, a collection of poems from his familyʻs daily writing practice during the global pandemic shutdown, and a journal about his days in the ocean. He is a self-styled contrarian, so stay tuned to see how that plays out! Jonathon has been member of the Hawaii Department of Education – State Office, Leadership Institute. He has been a Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellow and a WASC visiting team member. He has a M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from the University of Oregon: an M.A. in Literature from Portland State University: and a B.A. in English from University of Portland. As always, our theme music and post production editing is provided by Daniel Gilad at DG Sound Creations. Please stay safe, wear your masks and bring kindness and compassion to the world.

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