S2:E13 Unrulr’s Capturing Learning, with Fred Delse and Will Reppun

What is the purpose of an education? When and where does learning happen? What does it mean to evaluate learning? What does “assessment” mean? What does it mean when we talk about “capturing” learning (as if learning is some sort of fish in the sea)? What is the relationship between student and teacher when student-driven learning sits at the core of the classroom, or learning space? It’s these and other essential questions Fred Delse and Will Reppun tackled when they decided to found and develop the learning capture app, Unrulr, which is now being tested and used by public, private and charter schools here in Hawaiʻi. Marc Allard, a science, engineering and design teacher at the Menlo School in California said the following about Unrulr: I care about process; it’s super important. And Unrulr is one of the only ways, if I think about it, to get evidence of process. Even if we’re not dealing with COVID, this is good for process. Evan Beachy, Strategy and Transformation at Kamehameha Schools, states: What makes Unrulr special is that it speaks the language of social media, which is the parlance of today’s youth. Being able to express yourself with words, pictures, videos and other formats means that you can paint a really unique picture of who you are and what you’ve done. But more important than all of that, you can do this in a way that encourages collaboration and discussion with others. Fred Delse has worked in roles varying from software engineer to product management to corporate administration for Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo, Tetris Online and ‘ike Hawaii. He has two masters degrees; one from Stanford and the other from The Anderson School of business at UCLA. Will Reppun is a graduate of Punahou School here in Honolulu and has a degree in computer science from Harvard University. He was an optimization engineer at Navatek, a technical director and instructor at New Horizons Prep in Shanghai and a senior engineer at Exiger Analytics. Most recently he was director of product development at Data House in Honolulu, where he met Fred and they hatched Unrulr. As always, the original music and sound editing in these episodes is provided by Daniel Gilad of DG Sound Creations. Check out his new website! If you like or love this podcast, please give us a rating and review at your favorite podcast store. Take care, be safe and please bring kindness into the world.