S2: Teacher Voice Special #2, with Jon Medeiros

In an October 28th, 2020 blog post at XanEdu Jonathon Mederios wrote about about curiosity as a planning tool for educators. It’s a fabulous blog post. Here, in this Teacher Voice Special #2, he does an out loud “semi dramatic” reading of his post. It is my intention that when educators publish in public places, I will try to extend their words by turning them in to mini episodes. Jonathon has been teaching and learning about Language Arts and rhetoric for 15 years with students on Kauaʻi and is currently teaching 12th grade Language Arts and serving as an upper academy lead at his alma mater, Kaua’i High. He frequently writes about education policy and is the former director of the Kauaʻi Teacher Fellowship. Jonathon enjoys building things, surfing, and spending time with his wife and daughters. He believes in teaching his students that if you change all of your mistakes and regrets, you’d erase yourself. Jonathon is currently working on a few projects, including a collection of essays, a full length collection of poems from his familyʻs daily writing practice during the global pandemic shutdown, and a journal about his days in the ocean. Follow Jonathon on Twitter @jonmedeiros or visit his page at jonathonmedeiros.com

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