44. All Good Things are Wild and Free, with Christina Hoe

“All Good Things Are Wild and Free” (Henry David Thoreau). As it turns out this episode is four years in the making. At the very start of my work with Ted Dintersmith and his film, Most Likely to Succeed, Christina Hoe, a humanities teacher at Le Jardin Academy, reached out to me via an intermediary and asked to bring all 77 of her students to my 2nd MLTS screening in January, 2016. What followed was a wild and crazy ride that resulted in her students doing a deep dive into education, carrying out a double, evening community screening of MLTS (these 9th graders facilitated the post film table discussions) on campus, and proposing, as their semester projects, new courses for the Le Jardin course catalogue. Four years later, Christina is my interview guest! How cool is that? I am super stoked about this interview. Christina and I cover some serious ground in our quest to dive deeper into what school could be. She is a Teach for America graduate who first taught at the Isobel Rooney public school in the Bronx. She moved to Hawaii in 2005 and joined the faculty at Le Jardin Academy, a medium sized independent school on the Windward Side of the island of Oahu. Today at Le Jardin she is the Dean of Experiential Education and Community Partnerships. In her words, she takes kids into the forest and leads Socratic seminars on all types of subjects. Christina is also the Executive Director of the Wild Community Foundation. More on that towards the end of the episode. Finally, during the initial Covid-19 lockdown on Oahu Christina spearheaded a campus and community initiative to use 3D printers to make filtration masks, and sewing circles to make fabric face masks. As much as anyone I know Christina Hoe’s world is centered on unleashing the potential in all children. She knows, for sure, the purpose of education, teaching and learning. This episode was edited by Daniel Gilad at DG Sound Creations. Daniel also provided the original theme music. To contact Daniel, navigate to his DG Sound Creations Facebook page. If you like this episode, or this series, please give us a rating and review at your favorite podcast store. Take care, be safe, wear your masks, be kind to each other

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