41. When Your Teacher is a Trained Ballerina, with Heather Baylosis

(Today, May 3rd, 2020 is Mei Kanada’s birthday. Mei, an 8th grader, is the Manager at Hawk Media Productions. She is also the editor of this episode, the last regular episode of this season and of her year at the helm of Hawk Media. Happy Birthday, Mei, and thank you for all your hard work! You are amazing!) And now, back to the show. Imagine a place where your lead elementary school teacher is a trained ballerina with a propensity for breaking out the dance moves during a lesson. Look no further than Maui and Heather Baylosis, a creative, imaginative and innovative teacher at Hawaiʻi Technology Academy’s Maui Campus. HTA is a seven-campus public  charter school (on four islands) that uses a blended learning model. Heather came on my radar screen more than a year ago when she reached out to talk about rethinking “progress reports.” I suffered through some pretty cruel progress reports some 55 years ago in elementary school, so I was immediately thinking I wanted Heather on this podcast. Over more than an hour’s interview Heather and I ranged across topics related to blended learning, differentiated instruction, distance learning in the time of Covid-19, teaching the “whole child” and team building at the elementary level. Throughout the conversation Heather presented as a kind, compassionate and passionate student guide, coach and mentor. What a wonderful way to end Season One. In her resume she describes herself as “An experienced teacher who approaches education with a blend of creativity, connection, and communication. Heather blends these essential elements with data driven instruction to support her student’s success with project based learning. An integration of student choice projects and a cultivation of self awareness while learning and growing is what Mrs. Baylosis is all about!” Heather has a Bachelor of Science from State University of New York in Elementary Education with a concentration in early childhood and dance. She also has a Masters of Education, Reading and Literacy from Walden University in Minnesota. For more on Hawaiʻi Technology Academy, click here. As I get ready to hit the publish button, dear listeners, as Season One closes out we are at 11,780 downloads in 36 countries. Thank you! 

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