Host and Producer, Josh Reppun

Josh Reppun is the Executive Producer and Host of the What School Could Be in Hawaiʻi podcast. He is also the Founder of Josh Reppun Productions. After careers as a chef and hotel manager in Hawaiʻi and California, Josh taught history, economics and Hawaiian studies at Punahou, La Pietra HSG, and 'Iolani School. Currently, his day job is at Apple Ala Moana. His daughter, Emma teaches kindergarten in Marin County, California, and his wife, Cheryl Oncea is the Publisher of Hawaiʻi Business Magazine.

Season 2 Technical Consultant and Sound Engineer, Daniel Gilad

Daniel Gilad is a sound engineer and music producer. Originally from Israel, Daniel has been based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi for over a decade. He has been working in the music industry since 2012 providing audio support to many of Hawaii’s major local artists. Whether in sound reinforcement, studio production, mixing, or mastering, his work ethic, attitude, and professionalism speaks for itself. As an audio engineer, he has had the opportunity to work with the successful YouTube channel “Hi Sessions,” helping to shed a light on the talent Hawaiʻi has to offer. He has also worked with some of Hawaii’s finest talent, including Paul Izak, Mike love, Henry Kapono, and many more. Daniel has also been privileged to be a part of the team that worked and recorded the ‘Ōlelo Hawaii for Disney’s blockbuster film, Moana, providing local schools with this amazing tool to incorporate the Hawaiian language into their classrooms. To connect with Daniel about a project or any audio and sound needs please visit his website

Season 1 Technical Producer and Consultant, Ryan Ozawa

Ryan Ozawa is the technical producer and podcast consultant for the What School Could Be in Hawaiʻi podcast. Ryan's day job is at Hawaii Information Service and he can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @hawaii.

Season 1 Post Production Manager, Mei Kanada

Mei Kanada is the Season One editor and post production manager of this podcast series. Born and raised on Hawaiʻi Island, she is an 8th grade student at Kealakehe Intermediate School. Mei enjoys digital media and dance, as well as playing the piano. She has a deep interest in animal care and currently interns at a Kona veterinary clinic. After producing media for a year in the Kealakehe Hawk Media program, Mei wants to develop programs that keep her audience thinking. This is her first time editing a professional podcast.

Season 1 Hawk Media Director, Mathieu Williams

Mathieu Williams, the Director of Kealakehe Intermediate School's Hawk Media program, is our State Department of Education's 2019 Teacher of the Year. Williams was selected among seven other District Teachers of the Year. "Mathieu's passion and dedication has accelerated Kealakehe Intermediate's technology and digital media program into a very popular focus among his students and has developed them into a nationally competitive team in two short years," said Superintendent Dr. Christina Kishimoto.

Season 1 Episode Editor, AJ Rosario

Episode editor, AJ Rosario is a freshman at Kealakehe High School. Although he is no longer a student at Kealakehe Intermediate, he still has a deep passion for media and storytelling and continues to work at Hawk Media Productions. AJ was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and truly enjoys cultural-based learning. He says his favorite part about media is being able to capture special moments through different lenses and allowing creativity to impact people's lives. AJ is also interested in entrepreneurship and dreams of owning a business that can empower the lives of others.

Season 1 Episode Editor, Marlon Utrera, Jr.

Marlon Utrera Jr. is a 7th grader from Kealakehe Intermediate School. Born and raised in Kona, Hawai’i he prides himself in his work ethic and humor. He enjoys the ocean, sports, and storytelling. His friendly personality and willingness to try new things ignite his love of learning. While he is only a first-year media student he is inspired to one day become a professional storyteller and is excited to share the world from his side of the lens.

Season 1 Episode Editor, Bailey Vierthaler

Bailey Vierthaler is one of the editors for Season 1, Semester 1 of this podcast. She is an eighth-grader at Kealakehe Intermediate, in Kona, Hawaiʻi. When Bailey grows up, she aspires to be a veterinarian and would like to go to University in the Czech Republic. Her hobbies are writing, playing music, and hanging out with her family. Bailey has lived in Hawai’i for most of her life, but has lived in many other places as well. She loves science and making puns.

Season 1 Promo Editor, Aiden Schutte

Aiden Schutte is a freshman student at Kealakehe High School, but continues to work as an editor in the Hawk Media program at Kealakehe Intermediate. He produced, directed and edited our 1st promo video. Aiden was born and raised in South Africa, and moved to Hawaiʻi Island five years ago. He has a deep passion for storytelling through film and photography. He is also interested in environmental issues and learning about different cultures through travel.

Website Support, Will Reppun

Will Reppun was instrumental in the development of this podcast series. He assisted Host, Josh Reppun, in setting up the Blubrry media hosting site, bridging Blubrry to WordPress, designing the layout of and arranging the process by which each episode uploads to your fav podcast store. Will is the C0-Founder of Unrulr, an innovative application that facilitates the capture of artifacts of learning. Learn more at